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Product Name:TV Protector 26 / 32 / 37 / 40 / 42 / 46 / 50 / 52 / 60 / 65 Reflected reduction type

Part Number
Please see as below

Please see as below

TV Protector  26 / 32 / 37 / 40 / 42 / 46 / 50 / 52 / 60 / 65 Reflected reduction type












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Advancement by spread and large-scale thin-screen TV. Space is not taken in the thin type and the image is beautiful.

However, there is a feature of weakness to the impact from the outside.
The display of an expensive thin-screen TV is protected from the impact.

Protection from impact
●The protection panel uses a high-quality, acrylic board, and is an ecologically friendly product.(RoHS Compliance)
●The protection panel adopts a strong, hard, acrylic board for the impact.
●The television screen is defended from child's mischief writing and the game controller, the cleaner, the impact, and the pet.

The installation is easy
●Unnecessary tool and easy installation.
●When the movement and the panel are cleaned, it is possible to detach it easily.

Reflected reduction type
●The outside optical reflection is suppressed and the eyestrain is reduced. (Reflected reduction)

TV Protector  26 / 32 / 37 / 40 / 42 / 46 / 50 / 52 / 60 / 65 Reflected reduction type
Part Number Product Name Support JAN
BTV-PP26 TV Protector 26 Reflected reduction type 26V Type Thin-screen TV 4528888011360
BTV-PP32 TV Protector 32 Reflected reduction type 32V Type Thin-screen TV 4528888009527
BTV-PP37 TV Protector 37 Reflected reduction type 37V Type Thin-screen TV 4528888008810
BTV-PP40 TV Protector 40 Reflected reduction type 40V Type Thin-screen TV 4528888011377
BTV-PP42 TV Protector 42 Reflected reduction type 42V Type Thin-screen TV 4528888008827
BTV-PP46 TV Protector 46 Reflected reduction type 46V Type Thin-screen TV 4528888010455
BTV-PP50 TV Protector 50 Reflected reduction type 50V Type Thin-screen TV 4528888011384
BTV-PP52 TV Protector 52 Reflected reduction type 52V Type Thin-screen TV 4528888011391
BTV-PP60 TV Protector 60 Reflected reduction type 60V Type Thin-screen TV 4528888012220
BTV-PP65 TV Protector 65 Reflected reduction type 65V Type Thin-screen TV 4528888012237
Specification   Size Weight
26V Type Thin-screen TV W635× H425(+/-2mm) Thickness2.3mm about 0.72kg
32V Type Thin-screen TV W750× H485(+/-2mm) Thickness2.3mm about 1.08kg
37V Type Thin-screen TV W900× H550(+/-2mm) Thickness2.3mm about 1.48kg
40V Type Thin-screen TV W980× H580(+/-2mm) Thickness2.3mm about 1.65kg
42V Type Thin-screen TV W980× H640(+/-2mm) Thickness2.3mm about 1.78kg
46V Type Thin-screen TV W1080× H670(+/-2mm) Thickness2.5mm about 2.12kg
50V Type Thin-screen TV W1190× H725(+/-2mm) Thickness2.5mm about 2.75kg
52V Type Thin-screen TV W1205× H735(+/-2mm) Thickness2.5mm about 2.86kg
60V Type Thin-screen TV W1430× H870(+/-2mm) Thickness3.0mm about 4.30kg
65V Type Thin-screen TV W1500× H885(+/-2mm) Thickness3.0mm about 4.60kg
Bundled item TV Protector, Tape for fixation(With two sided tape), Cleaning crossing, Manual

  • It is not the one to guarantee to protect the thin-screen TV from all impacts and pressures.
  • It is not the one to prevent including reflecting all.
  • Please do not use it except the thin-screen TV.
  • When installing working, our company cannot assume the responsibility to the damage of this product by the contingency.
  • Our company cannot assume all the responsibilities about damage by the fall, the floor face of the television, and damage and the injury such as furniture.
  • The installation might be difficult because of the shape of the television.
  • The product specification is subjected to variation without a previous notice for upgrading.


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