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Product Name
Electric Waves Shield Sticker

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Electric Waves Shield Sticker


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This product manufactured with special material can absorb excessive harmful radiation produced by sending and receiving signals of the mobile phone, therefore avoid the radiation on the human brain.

Absorbs and transfers electromagnetic radiation waves by using special materials and reduces mobile phone radiation injury on the human brain of 96.43 percent.

Electric Waves Shield Sticker

※Usage examples

Electric Waves Shield Sticker


Support Mobile、Smart phone、Digital camera、Laptop、Video camera etc...
Bundleditem Electric Waves Shield Sticker×1
Size About W48 x H24(mm)
Package Size About H141xW104xD8(mm)
Package Weight About 29g

  • If there is any damage, deformation, liquid leakage from the rechargeable battery, then this product must not be used.


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