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Product Name:Waterproof Speaker for Smart Phone/iPhone/iPod

Part Number
Please see as below

Please see as below

Waterproof Speaker for Smart Phone/iPhone/iPod




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Your music easily with bath and outdoor waterproof speakers With life.

Can be used to connect the Smart Phone / iPhone / iPod Touch/iPod/MP3 player / MP4 player etc.

Part Number Product Name Color JAN
BM-SPWATER/BK Waterproof Speaker for Smart Phone/iPhone/iPod
BLACK 4528888015528
BM-SPWATER/WH Waterproof Speaker for Smart Phone/iPhone/iPod
WHITE 4528888015535
BM-SPWATER/P Waterproof Speaker for Smart Phone/iPhone/iPod
PINK 4528888015542

Support Smart Phone/iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod/MP3 Player/MP4 Player etc.
Power Two AA batteries ( The Batteries is not included)
Hours of continuous use About three hours (with alkaline batteries)
Compliance IPX4 waterproof
Speaker Output 0.2W×2
Frequency 150Hz-20kHz
Impedance 16Ω
Weight About 273g
Size About H90×W195×D45(mm)
Cable Length About 150mm
Package Size About H155×W225×D55(mm)
Package Weight About 365g

  • Please clean internal case is a soft, dry cloth. Please do not wash with water.
  • Please do not adhere to the O-rings ・ Oil and chemicals. Cause corrosion.
  • When not used for a long - Please remove the battery.
  • Alkaline batteries are recommended.
  • O-ring during the opening of the hair - Case, dust, fibers, sand, etc. Please do not adhere.
  • If noise and quiet operation・Please put the power back after 5 to 10 seconds and then power off.
  • Do not put water directly on the waterproof speakers, please do not enter waterproof speaker into water.


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