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Product Name
Micro USB Host Reel Cable

Part Number


Micro USB Host Reel Cable


It is micro USB host reel cable that can use the USB host function of WILLCOM 03 (WS020SH).
Peripherals and USB thumb drive etc. such as keyboards with the USB A connector can be connected with WILLCOM 03(WS020SH).

The length of the cable can be connected with 72cm and room at most, and when carrying, can be stored compactly because of the reel type.

Micro USB Host Reel Cable
Support WS020SH
Connector USB mini A(M)⇔USB A(F)
Cable length about 720mm
Weight about 22g

  • Please inquire of each external instrument manufacturer about confirming the operation of the connected external instrument.
  • The usb connector might not be able to be connected according to the connected shape in the vicinity of the terminal USB.
  • Software is not appended to this product.
  • It doesn't assume the responsibility of the damage when the product is resolved, remodeled, and used at all.


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