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Product Name
Rubber Stand Case for iPod touch 2010

Part Number




Products image Download (Zip : 159KB)

This product is a Rubber STAND case. protecting "iPod touch 2010" from a wound and a dirt.

It is possible to store it by wrapping the earphone around the back.
The connection to the Dock connector is possible.
RoHS Compliance


Support iPod Touch 2010 (2010 year model)
Size About 111.4×W61.3×D14.5 (mm)
Weight About 20.5g
Material PC with rubber coating、TPU (Headset Cable Organizer)
Bundled item Rubber STAND Case×1, Screen protection film×1
Package Size About H203×W112×D25 (mm)
Package Weight  

  • The protection films are three layers. Please peel off the transparent sheet that attaches an upper and lower seal, and use the protection film at the center.
  • The wound to the main body of iPod touch and dirt, etc. become guarantees off the subject.
  • Please do not wet it to water. The color might be faded.
  • Please do not leave the Rubber coating case touched for a long time with other one. The color of the case might dye the another one.
  • This case doesn't protect iPod touch from the high impact and the fall.
  • Please have not the strap when it carries but the main body.


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