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Product Name
・・Plug・・ USB/AC Adapter

Part Number
Please see as below

Please see as below






cute, colorful USB/AC adapter!

This product is an USB/AC adapter supplying the power supply of the various electric apparatuses which assume USB a power supply from an outlet for families.

I have you use a digital audio player on hand, the mobile telephone widely.
I am small and light with main body size 54.5*42.4*21.7 (mm), 30g in weight and am most suitable for carrying around In addition, for world wide correspondence (input AC100-240V), it is used abroad.
Because it can do it and is easy to cope with a business trip or a trip, it will be to play an active part as a stouthearted best partner.

Shape is a pretty plug model, Orange of Vivid color that the color is cute, yellow, green, four kinds of the pink. I have you choose you to preference.

Specifications Input
Output DC5V、600mA
Weight 30g
Size H54.5XW42.4XD21.7(mm)
Support 1st iPod touch, iPod Classic (80GB, 160GB, 120GB) , 1st/2nd/3rd/4th iPod nano, 4th/5th iPod, iPod photo, iPod color display, iPod mini
Part Number Product Name Color JAN
BI-PLUGAC/G ・・Plug・・ USB/AC Adapter Green 4528888007851
BI-PLUGAC/O ・・Plug・・ USB/AC Adapter Orange 4528888007868
BI-PLUGAC/Y ・・Plug・・ USB/AC Adapter Yellow 4528888007875
BI-PLUGAC/P ・・Plug・・ USB/AC Adapter Pink 4528888007882

Sale date 2007/11/28

  • Note this product does not quaranty the proper charge on all the USB devices.
  • We are not responsible for any damage made by misuse, abuse, or improper installation.
  • This product is made according to the safety standard. However, it is your own responsibility to operate with proper care.


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