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Product Name
KARAOKE FM Transmitter for iPod

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KARAOKE FM Transmitter for iPod


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This FM transmitter can enjoy karaoke by switching ON/OFF.

・It can be a band switch according to three frequencies.
・It is possible to correspond to 12V/24V car.
・With automatic operation OFF function
iPod stops automatically temporarily when the engine of the car is stopped.
iPod is turned off about 2-5 minute later.

KARAOKE FM Transmitter for iPod

Support iPhone 3G/3GS/4、1st/2nd/3rd/4th iPod touch、 3rd/4th/5th/6th iPod nano、iPod classic (80GB、120GB、160GB)、4th/5th iPod
Input 12V/24V
Output 5V 700mA
Cable Length 1.2m
Weight About 78g
Frequency 88.2, 88.6, 89.0MHz
Package Size About H215×W110×D30(mm)
Package Weight About 138g

  • The car charger part might be not suitable for the vehicle power port by the model.
  • Because the voice is output from the Dock connector of iPod, the loudness control in the main body of iPod in the specification of iPod cannot be done. Please adjust it on the car audio side.
  • The cigar lighter part works and automatic operation OFF function never works in the model of the power supply. Please pull out this product from the cigar lighter when parting from the car.
  • It becomes a support off the subject when resolving, remodeling, the cable cutting about the product, and using it.
  • The product specification is subjected to variation without a previous notice for upgrading.
  • It is not a manufacturer pure goods though it ensures the quality. Please use it in the self-responsibility after it notes it enough before use.
  • The battery cannot be used for iPhone emptily. Please use it with iPhone can started.
  • The effect of karaoke function is achieved by denying the this minister element, and the low region element is left as it is. Therefore, it might not be felt that the effect of karaoke is enough according to the reproducing sound source.
  • The reproducing sound source might be few and as for an expert recording part ..monaural.. right and left, the effect of karaoke be little.


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