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Product Name: Pretty Dolphin Earphone

Part Number
Please see as below

Part Number
Please see as below




Products image Download (Zip : 111KB)

Omission of sound reduction.

Conductive good gold-plated plug adoption.
A Dolphin loving stops at the ear

You can choose two Colores, Sunny Pink and Sea Blue.

Input Max 10mW
Weight 17g
Connector 3.5mm Stereo mini plug
Cable length 1200mm
Frequency 50Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity 92dB/mW
Type In-Ear headphones
Impedance 16Ω
Bundling product Main body of earphone X 1
Package Size H270×W115×D30 (mm)
Package Weight About 74g
Part Number Product Name Color JAN
BI-IRUKAEAR/P Pretty Dolphin Earphone
SunnyPink 4528888013111
BI-IRUKAEAR/B Pretty Dolphin Earphone
SeaBlue 4528888013128

  • Please use it at volume of the degree that does not stimulate an ear very much. You give a hearing ability bad influence at full blast when you listen for a long time.
  • When you felt inflammation or an itch on the skin of the part which this product touches, please cancel use once.
  • The exclusion and adding of the cord please take a plug with the exclusion and adding of the cord.
  • Because the sound of the right channel does not come out when you join to monaural machinery, please buy a separate sale Rino monaural recording - stereo conversion plug.
  • It cannot use card type radios for machinery of Ф2.5 earphone Jack.
  • Gee, the peace is normal use / state of preservation, but there is a case to deteriorate by a secular variation.
  • Gee, when a piece was stained, you avoid ear peace from headphones, and please do a bathroom with the synthetic detergent which you weakened. After washing, please use it after wiping moisture well.
  • The responsibility of the damage by a product used by the cutting of the wrong installation / resolution / remodeling / cord cannot be due at all.
  • Please be careful to opening a letter time of the package and the openings after the opening a letter enough. (Please do not touch it with a hand, a finger.)


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