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Product Name
Privacy Film for iPad 2012

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Privacy Film for iPad 2012


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Privacy Film for iPad 2012

■ protect the privacy
Protects firmly block the line of sight from the left and right, your privacy with 60-degree viewing angle.

■ peace of mind
Only in the film, you can protect LCD screen from scratches and dirt firmly.

■ Supports touchscreen stylus input
You can still put a film operation.

■ Convenient
Unnecessary cut and paste is possible as it is specially designed for.

Support iPad 2012 (Model released in 2012)
Size About W181×H237×D0.2(mm)
Weight Screen protection film about 15g、Touch Pen about 9g
Bundled item Screen protection film×1、Touch Pen×1
Package Size About H290xW200xD10(mm)
Package Weight About 100g

  • This product is a film to protect the LCD screen of the iPad 2012. In other applications Please do not use.
  • This product is not intended to fully protect the iPad 2012. Body for corrupt or damaged on the LCD screen, the iPad 2012 is
    Please acknowledge not responsible.
  • Please avoid high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight.
  • Such as near the fire, the use of in place please avoid high temperature.
  • Please keep at the hands of infants do not receive.


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