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Product Name
Protector Film for iPad 2012

Part Number


Protector Film for iPad 2012


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Protector Film for iPad 2012

■ clean
Clear protective film even though it put a gloss type so! The crystal-clear screen!

■ peace of mind
Only in the film, you can protect LCD screen from scratches and dirt firmly.

■ Supports touchscreen stylus input
You can still put a film operation.

■ Convenient
Unnecessary cut and paste is possible as it is specially designed for.

Support iPad 2012 (Model released in 2012)
Size About W181×H237×D0.2(mm)
Weight Screen protection film about 15g、Touch Pen about 9g
Bundled item Screen protection film×1、Touch Pen×1
Package Size About H290xW200xD10(mm)
Package Weight About 99g

  • This product is a film to protect the LCD screen of the iPad 2012. In other applications Please do not use.
  • This product is not intended to fully protect the iPad 2012. Body for corrupt or damaged on the LCD screen, the iPad 2012 is not responsible for any
    Please acknowledge it.
  • Please avoid high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight.
  • Such as near the fire, the use of in place please avoid high temperature.
  • Please keep at the hands of infants do not receive.


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