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Product Name
Leather Stand Case for 2nd iPad

Part Number
Please see as below

Please see as below





Products image Download (Zip : 248KB)

This product is a case made by PU Leather protecting "2nd iPad" from a wound and a dirt.

You can connect an earphone with having put it in a case.
The touch panel part can be protected with the pocketbook type case.
The card holder has adhered internally.
RoHS Compliance


Bundled item (Touch Pen、Cleaning crossing)

Black and white case:Black touch pen
Red case:Red touch Pen

Support 2nd iPad
Size About H199×W250×D20mm
Weight About 181g
Material PU Leather
Bundled item PU Leather Case×1、Screen protection film×1、Touch Pen×1、Cleaning crossing×1
Package Size About H287.5×W241.5×D22.5(mm)
Package Weight About 337g

Part Number Product Name Color JAN
BI-IPAD2FLSTD/BK Leather Stand Case for 2nd iPad
Black 4528888014460
BI-IPAD2FLSTD/WH Leather Stand Case for 2nd iPad
White 4528888014477
BI-IPAD2FLSTD/R Leather Stand Case for 2nd iPad
Red 4528888014484

  • The protection films are three layers. Please peel off the transparent sheet that attaches an upper and lower seal, and use the protection film at the center.
  • The waterproof function is not provided in this case. Please note the water getting wet.
  • This case doesn't protect iPad from the high impact and the fall. Please note that iPad might be damaged when the foreign body enters between the case and iPad.
  • The wound to the main body of iPad and dirt, etc. become guarantees off the subject.
  • Please support and use iPad when you operate iPad when using it as a stand. There is a possibility that the stand falls when operating it as it is.
  • The card holder is attached internally. Please use the protection film for the liquid crystal screen of iPad not to be damaged.


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