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Product Name
Mobile USB/AC Adapter

Part Number
Please see as below

Please see as below

Mobile USB/AC Adapter



It is USB/AC adaptor corresponding to the charge with various iPod and iPhone 3G.

The plug can be folded and it is compact. It is small and convenient for carrying.
It is (AC100- 240V) for the world wide that can be used even in foreign countries.

Mobile USB/AC Adapter

Support 1st/2nd iPod touch, iPod Classic (80GB, 160GB, 120GB), 1st/2nd/3rd/4th iPod nano, 4th/5th iPod, iPod photo, iPod color display, iPod mini, iPhone 3G (2008年11月現在)

*iPhone 3G, 1st/2nd/3rd iPod does not support.
AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output DC5V, 500mA
Weight 30g
Size aboutH44×W46×D17.5(mm)
Part Number Product Name Color JAN
BI-GTUSB1/WH Mobile USB/AC Adapter White 4528888010905
BI-GTUSB1/BK Mobile USB/AC Adapter Black 4528888010899

  • It is not the one to guarantee the charge with all the USB device products though this product is AC adaptor using the universal serial bus port.
  • It cannot assume the damage responsibility of coming by using the product that is resolved, and remodeled.


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