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Product Name
Car Audio Direct Cable for iPod

Part Number


Car Audio Direct Cable for iPod


It is a car audio cable that can charge with iPod.

It supports 12V car, 24V car and can enjoy music without minding the battery residual quantity of iPod.
You can enjoy the voice that the worry of the noise is few, and clear because it connects it directly with car audio.
It is addition skip and loudness control of tune possible, wireless remote controls.


Support 1st/2nd iPod touch, iPod Classic (80GB, 160GB, 120GB), 1st/2nd/3rd/4th iPod nano, 4th/5th iPod, iPod photo, iPod mini, iPhone 3G
*1st/2nd/3rd iPod does not support.
Power DC12V/24V
Weight about 100g
Cable length iPod Dock connector・・・3.5mm Stereo Plug about1400mm
CarCharger・・・・・・・3.5mm Stereo Plug about1400mm
RCA converter cable about160mm

  • As for the displayed temperature, an error grows big by environment to use.
  • A part of the liquid crystal blinks when sounding it. (It is not a sound level indicator)
  • A car charger part does not match a cigar socket by a car model.
  • Please adjust the volume with car audio.
  • The power supply of the liquid crystal is supplied by iPod. Please remove iPod when you do not use it.


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