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Product Name
charge & data communication cable

Part Number


USB Cable for 3rd iPod shuffle


Products image Download (Zip : 40KB)

It is charge & data communication cable for 2nd/3rd iPod shuffle.

Include Silicon case and Strap for 3rd iPod shuffle

・2nd iPod shuffle and 3rd iPod shuffle might not be able to be charged according to the connected USB/AC adaptor.

< How to use >
1.It connects it with iPod shuffle.
2.USB is connected with the personal computer.
3.The power supply of iPod shuffle is turned on.

Support 2nd iPod shuffle, 3rd iPod shuffle
Cable length 300mm
connector USB A ⇔2nd/3G iPod shuffle
Include Silicon case for 3rd iPod shuffle, Strap (About 80cm)

  • At first, it connects it with iPod shuffle , and then USB is connected with the personal computer.
  • Software is not appended to this product.
  • We are not responsible for any damage made by misuse, abuse, or improper installation.
  • This product is made according to the safety standard. However, it is your own responsibility to operate with proper care.
  • Please be careful to opening a letter time of a package and openings after opening a letter enough. (Please do not touch it with a hand, a finger.)


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