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Product Name
2 WAY PEN(Toch Pen × Ball Pen) + MiniTouchPen

Part Number
Please see as below

Please see as below





Products image Download (Zip : 90.6KB)

Convenient 2WAY PEN that can be used by all scenes.

The mini touch pen can be carried about by setting it in the earphone terminal.
Touch pen of tap, flick, and possible drug.

It is fit in the pocket and the pocketbook with the clip.
The touch pen adopts the special material with electroconductive.

■How to use
・Please lightly press the resin part in the point against the liquid crystal screen and operate it.

Part Number Product Name Color JAN
BI-2WAYPEN/BK 2 WAY PEN(Toch Pen × Ball Pen) + MiniTouchPen Black 4528888015078
BI-2WAYPEN/WH 2 WAY PEN(Toch Pen × Ball Pen) + MiniTouchPen White 4528888015085
BI-2WAYPEN/P 2 WAY PEN(Toch Pen × Ball Pen) + MiniTouchPen Pink 4528888015252
Support iPod touch、iPhone、iPad、SmartPhone(Electrostatic capacity method)
Material Stainless steel(2WAY PEN)、Plastic(mini touchpen)
Weight about17.5g(2WAY PEN)、About 2.5g(mini touchpen)
Length about145mm(2WAY PEN)、About 46mm(mini touchpen)
Bandle item 2 WAY PEN、MINIPEN
Package Size H198×W86×D7(mm)
Package Weight about39g

  • The pen might not react according to the thickness (about 0.18mm or more) when the liquid crystal protection film is used.
  • Please lightly press the penpoint and use it. When respect touched is a little, it is likely not to operate.
  • The after of rubber of the penpoint might adhere to the screen when strongly rubbing.
  • Please do not beat the screen strongly. It causes the breakdown.
  • Our company cannot assume all the responsibilities for the breakdown of the main body when this product is used.
  • Please do not injure in the package.


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